Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Transport Me Scottie

So when we can't always afford to do thing or have the time while we work, there is always the transportation of the mind.
I am very blessed to have an imagination. It doesn't take too much to get lost in books or even movies, which can be a bad thing. Yet if you have a library (because I prefer real books to media written books) I can read and travel and learn.
Though my dream job would be traveling and writing books sort of like Jessica Fletcher In Murder She Wrote, life doesn't always turn out that way. Don't get me wrong I am going to travel a lot more when the doors open up, but when we can't we settle to learn to travel through pages.
I never really see myself as I look or what I do. I have two characters I am writing and both are what I see as me in two different skins.
One is a hard secret agent who has speed like Bruce Lee and is cool as Ziva David. Spanish decent and a hard egg to crack. She travels for her job all over the world and faces many dangerous people and see many things. Cuts mar her wrists.

The second character is a red streaked hair, sort of goth, Hostage Negotiator, who has done many things but really wants to see justice done. Also tat on her right foot with words she walks life by.

Both have a sad past and don't let anyone easily, which is true of me. Also has a lot of guy friends but doesn't let anyone close to her heart without a fight.
These are not too far off from me, I just hide things I like or want to do.
How do you see yourself and what is one thing that you could see differently about yourself if you could?  


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